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Angela’s skydive for South Africa

Angela in free fall during her tandem skydive

Angela skydiving for South Africa

Imagine taking to the skies in a small aeroplane and jumping out of it at over 10,000 feet whilst strapped to another person. Well that’s exactly what Angela Stone did to raise money for Womankind’s work in South Africa.

Angela said “it was a truly amazing experience” and in total she raised almost £1000 which will fund our work to improve access to care, treatment and justice for survivors of rape and to improve legislation affecting survivors of violence.

Angela explained why she wanted to raise money to support this vital work in South Africa: “This is an issue very close to my own heart and because the subject is slightly socially awkward these charities often get overlooked when it comes to donations.” Find out more about the projects we are running with two local partners to confront these issues.

You can follow in Angela’s footsteps and raise money for Womankind too, just visit our Get Involved pages for more information and inspiration.

Post by Tom Travell