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Zimbabwe Women’s Human Rights Defenders Award

photo of Zimbabwe winner of women's rights defender award

Winner of Zimbabwe Women's Rights Defender Award

Our partner, Zimbabwe Womens Lawyers Association (ZWLA), successfully held its 3rd Annual Women Human Rights Defenders Award ceremony in honour of women and men who are working tirelessly to defend women’s rights locally and globally.

This year’s recipient is Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda, a human rights lawyer who once worked as ZWLA’s interim coordinator. She now works at the global level under the World YWCA.

I spoke to Nyaradzayi about the award. “I simply hold it in trust.  What I have achieved is an embodiment of collective effort, collective action over generations.  I celebrate, recognise and hold hands with other human rights advocates whose work may be invisible and yet daily they give meaning to the essence of humankind”, she says.

In Zimbabwe, as in many parts of the world, women still face the daily struggles of violence, discrimination and exclusion. She acknowledges the role of women’s organisations in bringing about change. She sat in the early meetings when a group of women lawyers decided to set up ZWLA.  “I would board a local bus to the township of Gazaland where we set up the first office. Today, ZWLA is a highly recognised institution that I am proud to be associated with.”

Her parting message was, “We need to continue to seek ways, wherever we are to give our best for humanity, not only in our neighborhoods but the world at large.”

Post by Tsitsi Matekaire

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