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What makes Womankind different from other funders?

Peru partners meetingIn a meeting with our Peruvian partners last time we were in Lima we asked them: what makes Womankind different from other funders?

Our capacity-building work came top of the list. “Womankind is always looking for ways to expand our possibilities,” said an attendee from Fepromu.

Erika, Director of Movimiento El Pozo agreed, saying “Womankind doesn’t just provide us with funds, they support us with fundraising.”

Maria from DEMUS also told us how much they value us as a resource to draw on: “We sometimes have questions, but we know you can answer them.”

Everyone also seemed to agree that although it sometimes seems like we are asking a lot through our monitoring requirements, they are useful and important. Marta from Movimiento El Pozo put it this way: “Although we might feel the pressure of Womankind coming to monitor us, it has been good for us, for our organisations.”

Fepromu’s Executive Secretary Aleida pointed out “we’re under pressure, but Womankind are as well so we’re not alone.”

Then our country co-ordinator Luzmilla made a similar point: “Reineira [our Head of Programmes] comes to nag us and crack the whip, but we still love each other. You have to work as a team. We are a team.”

That was something that came across very strongly: our partners’ sense of connection with Womankind, and their solidarity with each other. Aleida told us how much they value the way the Womankind has given them “respect and autonomy… spaces to share experiences with our counterparts.”

And this extends to women’s rights activists elsewhere. Cathy explained that “it’s good to get in touch with feminists in other parts of the world, we have things in common but they see the same problems from a different point of view.”

Most importantly, as Cathy put it, “Womankind has a commitment to women.”

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Post by Sarah Jackson