About Us

In 25 years we have reached 18 million women and girls, their families and communities across more than 70 countries.

Womankind Worldwide is an international women’s rights charity working to support women and girls to improve their lives and communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We partner with women’s rights organisations on the ground, which are working to tackle the issues that affect women’s lives.

Women’s rights are at the heart of everything we do and we do it because we’re passionate about equality. We’ve been committed to supporting women and girls to claim their rights since we were founded on International Women’s Day in 1989.

The power of partnership

We currently work in partnership with 31 women’s rights organisations to challenge discrimination, end violence and improve the rights and choices of women and girls. With our partners we are reaching women and girls in 13 countries – from Afghanistan to Bolivia to Zimbabwe.

Together we support women directly – from providing refuges and counselling for survivors of violence, to leadership and business skills training. We also support women, their families and communities indirectly – by raising awareness of women’s rights and working to change legislation, policies and practice. In 2013-2014 Womankind and our partners directly supported 119,878 women and girls. And we provided indirect support to 5.9 million women, girls, men and boys.

Chhahari - Woman 8

Our vision

A fair world where being a woman does not limit choices, opportunities or rights.

Our mission

Womankind works in partnership with women’s rights organisations to support women in Africa, Asia and Latin America to transform their lives and communities. We also work collectively to influence the policies and practices of government and non-governmental organisations through sharing our knowledge and experience.

Our aims

  1. An end to violence against women and girls
  2. To increase women’s civil and political participation
  3. Equal access to and control over economic resources

We are able to pursue these aims through our partners and thanks to the people and organisations who provide us with financial support. Together, we are making a lasting difference.

Our four central values

People and Partnerships: We work alongside others to achieve our vision
Diversity and difference: We respect the right to hold and express different views and believe everyone has a contribution to make
Transparency and accountability: We challenge assumptions, speak out about injustice and inequality and, as an accountable organisation, we value being challenged ourselves
Learning and results: We value listening, evidence, and making space for innovation and achieving results. As a women’s rights organisation we are committed to equality and diversity, and actively oppose discrimination. We are non-religious and non-political, and are not affiliated with any religious or political organisations.

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Our history

Womankind Worldwide was the brainchild of Sir Alec Reed of Reed Employment plc. His aim was to set up a charity to support women and girls, which he would finance for three years through Reed Employment and Reed Charity.

“I had been involved with a number of charities and felt that women were doing a lot to support different causes, both as volunteers and donors, but there were no charities specifically enabling them to help other women. This prompted me to set up a charity to work with women worldwide. On International Women’s Day, 8th March 1989, we launched Womankind Worldwide. Reed Foundation provided funding enabling the organisation to establish itself. Through the dedication of a large number of people, Womankind has come a long way in the last 25 years, and I am really proud to be the founder and a life-long supporter.” – Sir Alec Reed, Founder

The charity was launched on International Women’s Day in 1989 with Kate Young appointed as Executive Director. The Trustees decided that Womankind Worldwide should concentrate on:

• Supporting women’s right organisations in the belief that, just as a group of women has greater strength than one woman alone, women can best bring about significant change by getting together.

• Development rather than welfare, with an emphasis on funding projects that enable women to become aware of and use their human rights.

If you have any questions about Womankind and our work, take a look at our FAQs page.