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Frequently asked questions

We hope that these FAQ pages will help you find the information you need as quickly and easily as possible.

If you have any other questions please contact us at  info@womankind.org.uk or call +44 (0)20 7549 0360.

About Us

Who is Womankind?

Womankind Worldwide (Womankind) is an international women’s rights charity working to support women and girls to improve their lives and communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We partner with women’s rights organisations on the ground, which are working to tackle the issues that affect women’s lives.

What makes Womankind different from other charities?

Womankind works in solidarity and partnership with local and national women’s rights organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America to improve the lives and status of women and girls across the world. With our network of partners we provide long-term sustainable change for women and girls by ensuring solutions are firmly rooted in local communities and contexts.

Together we enable women to change attitudes in their families and communities and hold their local, regional and national leaders to account. We use our collective expertise to call for change across the world, challenging governments and international agencies to protect and promote women’s rights.

Does Womankind have staff based overseas?

Our team is based in London and consists of 26 staff. We do not have any staff based overseas and we do not run Womankind offices in other countries. Instead, our partner women’s rights organisations implement the projects, and our Programmes team in London provides ongoing support via telephone and email communication. The team makes regular visits to monitor the work, provides the support partners need, and meets project staff and participants. Not only does this reduce overseas administration costs, it allows us to empower and support women’s rights organisations in-country. Women’s rights organisations understand the contexts they are working in and so are best placed to support their own communities.

How does Womankind work with other organisations?

Womankind works in co-operation with other charities and international agencies to ensure our presence is as broad as possible. In the UK we are a central part of several key networks including the Gender and Development Network, the Gender Action for Peace and Security Network, the British and Irish Agencies Afghanistan Group, Bond and People in Aid. Internationally, we are a member of the Association of Women in Development. We are also an NGO in special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council at the United Nations. All of these alliances allow us to ensure we are well informed of key trends and issues facing women worldwide and are in the best possible position to amplify the voices of the women we work with to achieve effective change.

How much money does Womankind spend on fundraising and admin?

Like most organisations a proportion of our funds must be allocated to running costs. Currently for every £1 we receive, we spend 3p on governance and invest 18p in fundraising. Such investment is crucial in diversifying our income and giving us the independence and flexibility to fund our most needed projects. For every £1 invested in fundraising, we raise £6.

You can find a summarised version of our accounts in our latest Impact Report and detailed information on our finances over the last financial year can be found in our full Annual Report and Accounts. All charities must make their Annual Report and Accounts available to the Charity Commission. You can read ours online.

How do I know that money I donate gets to people it’s meant for?

Currently, 79p of every pound spent goes directly to our programmes, campaigning and policy work. Our projects in Africa, Asia and Latin America are supported by Programme Managers, who are responsible for providing the tailored support our partners need and monitoring the project’s activities, spending and progress. Although they are based in London, they have regular contact with each of our partners and have an excellent understanding of the contexts in which our partners work. They also visit the projects to monitor the work, assess ways of strengthening our partners’ work, and evaluate setbacks and achievements. Our partners provide reports that account for all the funds they have spent which are part of their organisational audits.

How is Womankind funded?

Womankind’s income is a mixture of private donations and legacies, as well as grants from the UK government and international governments, grant-giving trusts and foundations and statutory organisations such as Comic Relief and the Big Lottery Fund. We also receive some donations from community groups and companies. In any given year, around a third of our total income will come from individuals. See what you can do to find out how you can make a difference.

Can Womankind fund my project or charity?

Womankind works with carefully selected partner organisations with a shared focus on our strategic goals. Unfortunately due to limited resources we are unable to accept applications for funding. However, we are always interested in hearing from other women’s rights organisations (in particular those in the countries where we work) so we can put them in contact with our partners and facilitate links and share learning.

Can I volunteer for Womankind?

Yes! We regularly take on volunteers in our London office to support our programmes, fundraising, policy and communications work. Check the volunteering page of our website for details of current opportunities.

We do not arrange volunteering opportunities overseas or with our partner organisations.  Our partners are independent organisations which make their own choices and decisions. Because we provide funding to these organisations, we want to ensure that partners do not feel obliged to take on volunteers, if their capacity and resources don’t permit them to. Supporters and members of the public can find the website links for our partners on the Womankind website.

If you are a skilled professional and would like to volunteer overseas for up to two years, visit Voluntary Service Overseas’ website.

How can I get a job with Womankind?

Visit the jobs section of our website regularly – details of new vacancies will be advertised there as they arise. These are usually also posted on the Charity Job and BOND websites. Unfortunately we cannot accept applications or CVs when we do not have any current job vacancies.

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FAQs about our international work

What does Womankind do?

We partner with women’s rights organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America which are tackling the day-to-day issues that affect women’s lives and creating a lasting difference:

  • We provide expert training and information on securing women’s rights;
  • We broadcast the demands and successes of women’s rights organisations on the international stage, so they increase their profile and gain additional support from funders and decision-makers;
  • We advocate on women’s rights in the UK and internationally;
  • We fundraise on behalf of women’s rights organisations (in the UK and internationally);
  • We connect them with the resources and networks that will strengthen their presence, voice and independence;
  • We connect them to the people who have the power to implement change;
  • We enable women’s rights organisations around the world to share their information and experiences and help them develop practical solutions to the issues they tackle;
  • We advise other NGOs on their policies and programmes to secure women’s rights, ensuring women’s voices are heard

How does Womankind choose the organisation’s partners?

We are very proud of our partnership model. Womankind partners are women’s rights organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We carefully select partners who have a shared focus on our strategic objectives and goals, share our values, are willing to share and reflect on lessons learnt, and have the expertise and capacity to successfully implement projects. We aim to build long-term relationships with two to three women’s rights organisations in each country we work in – we feel that this will contribute to supporting a diverse and vibrant women’s rights movement.

How does Womankind decide which projects to support?

Womankind establishes long-term relationships with our partners and aims to work with them over a number of years. We know that change in women’s rights does not happen overnight. We carefully assess the need in a country and an understanding of the local communities, conditions and context.

All the projects we support seek to achieve the three key aims for women and girls:

  • Ending violence against women and girls
  • Ensuring women have a say in the decisions that affect them
  • Enabling women to take control of their own livelihoods

How many countries does Womankind work in?

Currently we work in 13 countries – Afghanistan, Bolivia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nepal, Peru, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe – in partnership with 31 women’s rights organisations. See Where We Work for more information.

Why does Womankind work in some countries and not in others?

There is no country in the world where women enjoy the same rights as men. However Womankind has limited resources and unfortunately cannot meet all needs in all countries. Womankind focuses on improving the lives of the most marginalised women in Africa, Asia and Latin America, where we can make the most difference to their lives. This means we do not always work in the poorest countries, but focus on countries where, considering our size, we can achieve a bigger impact due to specific windows of opportunity, the work of the women´s right movement, or specific targeted work.

For example, we work in Sierra Leone where there are very high levels of violence against women and girls and in Bolivia because there is an emerging women’s rights movement which Womankind can support. Meanwhile we work in countries such as Nepal which are emerging from conflict; where there are opportunities to ensure women play an equal role in governance and that their needs are reflected.

Does Womankind face much corruption in the countries where it supports development work?

Our long-term partnerships with women’s rights organisations, based on shared values, mean that we aren’t forced to rely on untested relationships with contractors. On a practical level, the finances of all our projects are monitored closely and are subject to regular financial evaluations. In addition to this, our partners are required to obtain an external audit for each project they undertake.

Can you give me some information about Womankind’s work in a specific country?

See Where we work for the countries we work in and information on our projects in each country.

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FAQs about supporting us

Why should I support Womankind?

Through Womankind you can support women to come together to challenge discrimination and violence. We provide tailored support and expertise in women’s rights to help women’s rights organisations thrive. We have over 25 years of experience supporting effective projects which use the local understanding of women’s right organisations. You can be confident that your support will be contributing to work that is genuinely making a difference and enabling women to achieve real change in their lives.

I am interested in supporting Womankind’s work

Thank you! There are many ways you can get involved:

Donate: Set up a regular donation, make an alternative gift (in lieu of a birthday or other occasions).

Fundraise for us: Hold an event, run a marathon, or ask your local community or social group to support us. For lots of ideas see our Fundraising pack.

Spread the word: Tell people about our work, show them our website or forward them our enews. We can provide leaflets and information on Womankind.

How can I make a donation to Womankind?

Your donations are essential to our work, and whether you would like to make a one-off donation or give regularly, you have several options. You can donate online or by telephone, set up payroll giving so you can donate tax-effectively through your employer, or arrange to remember our work in your Will. For full details see what you can do.

What will you spend my money on?

All our work aims to achieve key outcomes for women and girls the world over:

  • Ending violence against women and girls
  • Ensuring women have a say in the decisions that affect them
  • Enabling women to take control of their own livelihoods
  • Securing women’s rights through our programmes, campaigning and policy work

We do this by partnering with women’s rights organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Through Womankind, you are supporting women to come together to challenge discrimination and violence and achieve real change in their lives.

I already give to Womankind and I’ve moved house

Please email info@womankind.org.uk or call +44 (0) 20 7549 0360 with your name, and your old and new address details. We will then update our records.

I already give to Womankind and would like you to reclaim the tax on my donations through Gift Aid

You can do this by downloading and completing our gift aid form – this will enable us to reclaim the tax on any of your donations made in the last six years and any you make in the future. We reclaim this from the Inland Revenue – at no extra cost to you.

How do I set up a regular gift to Womankind?

If you would like to make a regular gift to Womankind through Direct Debit you can set one up online or download a regular giving form.

I would like to cancel my monthly donation to Womankind

Thank you for your support in the past. You can cancel your donation by emailing info@womankind.org.uk with your name and address. If you would like to discuss your reasons for cancelling with us, please call us on +44 (0)20 7549 0360. Even if you can’t maintain your current level of giving, a smaller amount would still be very much appreciated.

I would like to remember Womankind in my Will

Thank you – leaving a legacy is one of the best ways to support a cause that you care about, and Womankind has benefited greatly from the kindness of supporters who have remembered our work in their Wills. See [Download not found] for more details.

I have a query about Womankind’s fundraising

If you have any question about the methods Womankind uses to raise funds please email us at info@womankind.org.uk or call +44(0) 20 7549 0360.

Like most UK charities, Womankind raises funds from individuals in many different ways. These include telephone fundraising, mailings and legacies.

I’m getting appeals from Womankind in the post – are you wasting money?

On average our mailings cost 50p each to produce and send. Appeals generally generate between £4.00 and £5.00 for every £1.00 they cost to send out. In any given year these appeals can be responsible for 15% of our unrestricted income, so they are very important.

I have seen Womankind on an online giving site. Does it cost Womankind anything if I give this way? Is it safe for me to give money online?

Womankind is registered with a number of websites which offer quick and easy ways to sponsor friends, give money, and join with others to fund something together. There is usually a small charge for this service. Womankind carefully considers whether a website offers good value before signing up.

You can find Womankind on the following websites:

When sharing card details online, check the address bar on the page requesting payment details has a URL beginning with “https.” The “s” stands for secure.

If you have any questions or concerns about giving to us through an online giving site, or through our own website please email Sofie Fritz, Sofie@womankind.org.uk or call 020 7549 0360.

Can I donate money to a specific Womankind project?

General, or unrestricted donations, are very valuable to Womankind. They enable us to use your gifts where the money is needed most – ensuring that all our projects receive enough funding and that no project is over-funded. However, we also have a list of priority projects for which we currently need funds so please contact us if you want to discuss earmarking your donation to one of these projects.

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