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Global Summit: Joint statement from women’s rights organisations

Women’s rights organisations around the world are the unstoppable momentum in ending violence; but they need support…

Having that ‘awkward conversation’ with your children

On his first Father’s Day as a dad, Womankind staff member Tom thinks about the day he’ll have to have ‘that’ awkward conversation with his son.

Changing attitudes towards domestic violence

Domestic violence affects women in every part of the world. But a new international survey suggests that attitudes to domestic violence are changing for the better.

The power of film to defend human rights

Human rights abuses happen all over the world – and those responsible go to great lengths to conceal what is happening. Film is one way human rights abuses can be exposed.

16 Stories: Ludmila, Bolivia

"I now know how to defend my rights for myself. I want my sons to learn that they should not make other people suffer by being violent."

16 Stories: Irene, Bolivia

"I had lived with violence all my life since I was very little and I thought it was normal. I learned that if someone hits you or insults you it is not because they love you."

Goodbye from the Senior Chief Executive of Womankind Volunteers

“I’ve learnt firsthand that if you change women’s lives you’ll probably change children’s lives and men’s lives for the better too. The end result is a better, fairer world.”

Linkpost: Women, tech and human rights

There are countless innovative projects which harness the potential of new communication technologies to advance and protect women's human rights.

Giving women the tools to make change happen

Our policy team have been hard at work on a fantastic new Women’s Rights Advocacy Toolkit which will help women’s rights activists all over the world to campaign for change.

Promoting indigenous women’s rights and challenging violence

Indigenous women in particular experience high levels of discrimination based on ethnicity, gender and class. They experience violence and face barriers to participating in politics and accessing leadership positions. What are we doing? We are working with Centro de Desarrollo …