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‘My husband was an abusive man for many years’

Shocking case of man reportedly supergluing wife’s vagina should lead to robust action to tackle violence

Oscar Pistorius Verdict: we need to talk about domestic violence; we need to talk about prevention

High profile cases of Ray Rice and Oscar Pistorius must galvanise action to end violence against women

Nelson Mandela: committed to the advancement of women’s rights

Our partners in southern Africa reflect on the death of Nelson Mandela and his immense contribution to advancing women’s rights

Effects of violence against women in Ghana

In a guest post Patricia Isabella Essel from our partner WiLDAF Ghana explains the impact of violence against women on Ghana’s social and economic growth.

World AIDS Day 2012: Women, poverty and HIV in Malawi

Womankind’s Malawi partner the Coalition of Women Living with HIV and AIDS has won an award for its work supporting women and girls with HIV.

Celebrating African Women’s Day

While we celebrate African Women’s Day we must not forget to call on African governments to honour their commitments to advance women’s political, social and economic rights.

Unpicking gender roles: shared ground in the fight for equality

The fight for women’s rights and LGBTQI rights are closely intertwined. In South Africa, for example, reports of "corrective rape" of lesbians show that there is shared ground between violence against women and homophobia.

Giving women the tools to make change happen

Our policy team have been hard at work on a fantastic new Women’s Rights Advocacy Toolkit which will help women’s rights activists all over the world to campaign for change.

Secretary of State speaks on International Women’s Day

Volunteer Katrina French reflects on a speech by Andrew Mitchell MP on the government’s commitment to women, and asks what it means for Womankind partners in South Africa.

Linkpost: Ending Female Genital Mutilation

Monday 6 February is International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation, and we thought we'd share some interesting and informative links in the name of awareness-raising.