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Enabling indigenous women to take on leadership roles

concejalas municipios participan en marchaWomen in Bolivia are increasingly able to participate in politics, from congress and ministries to civil society organisations and trade unions.

However, they suffer from constant harassment and violence from their own colleagues and fellow party members. Even after being elected, some female MPs are harassed until they give up their positions.

What are we doing?

We are working with RED ADA to empower indigenous women to play a meaningful role in politics without exposure to violence.

With our support RED ADA is:

  • Strengthening women leaders’ skills and knowledge to increase their chances of being elected in 2014
  • Encouraging female politicians to include a women’s rights agenda in their parties’ manifestos
  • Running an Observatory of the Political Participation of Women at Local Level in Bolivia that collects data on political violence against women to inform public policies and advocate for women’s rights
  • Supporting local women to collaborate and demand changes in policies and legislation to prevent violence against women
  • Promoting women’s rights via radio shows and across print media
  • Advocating to protect women in political positions against violence and threats

What difference have we made?

  • Women who attended leadership and political participation workshops reported a 60% increase in knowledge, while 90% of them were satisfied with the results
  • The data produced by the Observatory is now being used by different institutions and by the media to report on political violence and harassment
  • RED ADA’s advocacy work contributed towards the public debate that influenced Congress to pass Law 243 against the Harassment of and Political Violence against Women
  • Many of the women that attended workshops are now participating in politics as elected council women, ministers and union leaders

Women’s voices

“In the past I couldn’t speak, I was scared of participating in meetings. But after these workshops I have learnt to speak out, make my opinion count, value myself. And for that I thank RED ADA.” – Willma, participant

How you can help

£30 can pay for transport for 2 trainers to attend 3 workshops on women’s political participation, political violence and leadership with women’s rights organisations in La Paz

£75 can pay for materials for 1 session with 50 women on women’s political participation, political violence and leadership

£452 can pay for banners, materials and a public announcement for 1 event such as a rally on women’s political rights

Help us support more women like Willma to claim their voice and know their rights