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Arriving in Lima

As we swung round another corner at startling speed, suddenly the sea appeared beside us. The cab driver pointed and said ‘Oceano Pacifico’.

That’s probably the first time it hit me: I’m on the other side of the world now. As we drove along in the twilight I watched the people sitting on the rocks talking, and looked up at the great red brown cliffs beside us. They looked like enormous termite mounds, full of tiny caves and strange staircases that seemed to go nowhere.

I’m not really a seasoned traveller. This trip to Peru on behalf of Womankind is only the second time I have ever left Europe, and the first time I have ever been to Latin America. That’s reason enough to be excited, but I’m also looking forward to meeting our partners in Peru – DEMUS, Fepromu and El Pozo.

Photograph of speakers at our partner event

DEMUS and Fepromu speaking in London in April

DEMUS and Fepromu visited the UK in April (you can read about that visit), and that’s where I first heard them speak about their work fighting violence against women, calling for women to have control over their reproductive rights and campaigning against the exploitation of women agricultural workers.

I’m here to help them tell more people about that brilliant work. Later this week I’m running a workshop about communications and new media with our partners (that’s what I do at Womankind – I never thought it would bring me to Lima!) It might sound corny, but our partners have so many great stories to tell about the women they help, I can’t wait to get started.

Post by Sarah Jackson

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