Florence helps women
in danger.


Could you help Florence?


Florence Omara and 126 other women and men in two districts in Uganda have developed a way of saving their neighbours from domestic violence. For good.

If you'd like to help a woman fleeing for her life, Womankind will turn your donation into a solution that really works.

‘Women are suffering. Polygamy, cheating, drinking, illiteracy - they are all promoting domestic violence in our community. It is rampant.’


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Together, we can help change
the bigger picture too.

'Violence is reducing here now,' says Florence. 'Men are seeing the benefit too, and now let their wives come to meetings with other women because they learn things that can help the family.

'Women are urging their husbands to send girls to school and the girls are doing well there, so girls are now being educated.

'And women are coming into politics. Chairing parents' associations, managing a council meeting, in councils, district councils and parliament.'

This is how Womankind works. Help one woman through us and you help many more.