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For every £1 we receive, 60p goes directly towards our programmes, campaigning and policy work, supporting women and girls to transform their lives.

Like most organisations, some of our funds are allocated to running costs. So, for every £1 we receive, 3p pays for governance, and 37p is reinvested into fundraising. And for every £1 invested in fundraising, we received a further £2.58. This investment is crucial. It helps us make our income as diverse and sustainable as possible and give us the independence and flexibility to fund our most-needed projects.

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How we’re funded

Over 60% of our income comes from generous individuals who are impressed with our work. The rest of our funding comes from:

  • UK government and international government grants
  • Grant-giving trusts and foundations
  • Statutory organisations such as Comic Relief
  • Community groups
  • Corporate supporters   

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Where your money goes

In 2017-18, thanks to you, we spent £2,853,038 on our work and your generosity helped us raise £2,731,710.

We give money to local partner organisations in the countries where we work. Our partnership agreements are based on high levels of accountability and transparency. Through both programme and grant management we monitor closely how money is spent and accounted for.

  • Monthly when budget holders leading projects in local communities report back to our partner organisations
  • Quarterly when our partners submit quarterly financial reports and senior staff monitor the performance of projects we support against their budget
  • Bi-annually through detailed learning and financial reports submitted by partner organisations
  • Annually when our partners submit an external audit for each project they undertake.

Download our Impact Report for a more detailed breakdown of our expenditure and income.

Why our approach is value for money

  1. We focus on women. Research shows that this delivers more inclusive, sound policies and practices, benefitting the most disadvantaged.
  2. Our projects are targeted. We currently work in 5 focus countries and have multiple partners within those countries to have the greatest impact on the lives of women and girls living there. 
  3. We don’t work in isolation. We maximise our impact by using lessons on what works in our projects to influence the work of others, such as donors.
  4. Evidence-based approaches are at the heart of what we do. We have robust systems for gathering evidence of the impact we make on women’s lives and support our partners to do the same.
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