We maintain high levels of accountability and transparency.

We give money to local partner organisations in the countries where we work and we rigorously monitor their expenditure:

  • Monthly when budget holders leading projects in local communities report back to our partner organisations
  • Quarterly when our partners send finance reports and our senior staff monitor the performance of projects we support against their budget
  • Bi-annually through detailed learning and financial reports submitted by partner organisations
  • Annually when our partners submit an external audit for each project they undertake.


Making information about our work publicly available is an important part of being accountable to our partner organisations in Africa, Asia and Latin America, and to our supporters and funders. Read our transparency policy.

We were one of the first organisations to submit data about our funds and activities to the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI), where you can see our datasets.

Every year we undertake a transparency assessment to benchmark our current practice, highlighting where we meet or exceed good practice and where we need to improve.

Find out more about our finances or see our Impact Report which shows more detail on our income and expenditure.

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