• Caroline Haworth Womankind CEO

    Caroline Haworth

    Chief Executive
    Caroline has worked for over 20 years in over 20 countries to ...
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    Sarah Masters

    Director of Policy, Programmes & Learning
    Sarah is responsible for the strategic oversight, development, implementation, quality assurance and ...
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    Olu Lampejo

    Director of Finance & Resources
  • Martina Hoggart, Individual Giving Manager

    Martina Hoggart

    Acting Director of Fundraising & Marketing
    Martina is responsible for growing Womankind’s individual supporter base, welcoming new supporters ...
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  • Lee Webster, Head of Policy and Communications from Womankind

    Lee Webster

    Head of Policy & Communications
    Lee leads Womankind’s work with decision makers and the public, covering the ...
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    Louise Millward

    Acting Director of Fundraising & Marketing
    Louise provides a high quality service to the dedicated charitable trusts and ...
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  • Laura Brown, Movement and Network Capacity Manager

    Laura Brown

    Movement & Network Capacity Manager
    Laura is responsible for managing the sourcing and oversight of technical assistance ...
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  • Debra Lillistone Squires Philanthropy Manage

    Debra Lillistone-Squires

    Philanthopy Manager 
    Debra ensures our supporters achieve a deeper engagement with Womankind
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  • Barbara Dockalova

    Barbara Dockalova

    Policy & Advocacy Manager - Violence Against Women and Girls
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  • Chiara Capraro, Policy Manager

    Chiara Capraro

    Policy & Advocacy Manager – Economic Rights
    Chiara leads Womankind’s policy and advocacy work on women's economic rights.
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