Our Ambassadors

Womankind is supported by some fantastic ambassadors who are committed to our vision of a world without discrimination, where all women have equal choices, opportunities and rights.

Our ambassadors work with us to help raise awareness of our work by representing Womankind at events and meetings whilst also identifying avenues of support and opportunities to new and often inaccessible audiences. Working together with our team, the ambassador programme is crucial to the success of our mission to see transformative change in the lives of women around the world.

To find out more, please contact info@womankind.org.uk and reference 'ambassadors'

Current Ambassadors

Zulekha Rahman

Zulekha RahmanBeing a wife and mother of three is just part of everything that Zulekha believes a woman can achieve. She is a firm believer and advocate for education, running her own education consultancy, as well as being instrumental in the design and consultation process for Womankind’s own fundraising education programme. Alongside this, Zulekha also manages a property business for local and international clients. Having worked along side a wide variety of people and organisations over the years, she has an ability to break down barriers and energise those around her. Her passion for Womankind has grown deeper since 2014 when she organised a hugely successful Bollywood Ball. Since then Zulekha has made a commitment to raise awareness and funds bringing together old and new contacts with a vision to take us forward.
“I believe that education is the key. The key that unlocks the door to a better future. The key that opens up possibilities. The possibility of an equal life without fear but with respect. A life to be proud of living.”

Jacqueline Victor-Mazeli

jacquelineJacqueline is a wife and mother of two. She is passionate about human rights, social justice and equality. As a human rights barrister, representing refugees, trafficked persons, and other displaced persons she is always striving to obtain the best possible outcomes for her clients enabling them to rebuild their lives within the UK.

As a Senior Crown Prosecutor she works closely with police officers and other professionals to ensure that victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, rape, and forced marriage and their witnesses, are given adequate support and protection in order to give the best evidence at court and also to obtain restraining orders at the end of her cases if witnesses are in need of further protection.

Alongside her professional life she volunteers for TACT Care, an adoption and fostering agency, where she mentors prospective adopters and foster parents. She is also volunteers with the Homeless outreach team at her church. Jacqueline believes that every one has the right to be treated with respect and dignity. She believes that everyone should be treated equally irrespective of gender. Women should be able to make decisions about things that concern them, take ownership of their lives.

“I love being part of the worldwide movement to transform the lives of women and girls facing discrimination, poverty and violence.”

Diane Chilangwa Farmer

dianeHaving studied and lived around the world, Diane finds herself open to new and challenging cross cultural ideas and issues. Born in Zambia, Diane moved at the age of 13 to live in Amman, Jordan. She completed her secondary education at a boarding school in Nicosia, Cyprus, before moving to the USA for university. Returning to Jordan upon graduation, Diane worked as a volunteer in Al Ashrafia – a Palestinian quarter of Amman assisting Catholic nuns in their antenatal Clinic. Diane later worked as a Journalist in Amman writing feature stories primarily on Gender issues. Over the years Diane has worked as a Public Relations practitioner and as a Business Representative for the Financial Times in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Today Diane works as a Social Science research Consultant focusing primarily on Gender, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion issues. Her commitment to championing these issues has resulted in her book, Black Women in Management: Paid work and family formations which explores the work and family lives of professional and managerial Black African women in London and Johannesburg. This book is based on her PhD in Gender obtained from the LSE Gender Institute.

Diane is committed to using her strong interpersonal and communication skills to champion Womankind’s vision within her international network of friends and colleagues.

"As a wife and mother of three boys and one daughter, I remain committed to doing my part in ensuring that my children and indeed all children live in a world where their gender, ethnicity and/or sexuality does not create boundaries that inhibit them from reaching their potential".