What will the Big Give achieve for women in Ethiopia?

Rosey Ellum | Dec 17, 2015
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On 4 and 5 December Womankind asked supporters to donate through the Big Give Christmas Challenge. Why? Because every gift could be doubled, reaching even more women and girls. And overall you raised £25,006! The gifts were all for two of our partners in Ethiopia, Association for Women's Sanctuary and Development (AWSAD) and Siiqqee. 

Why did we choose to raise money for Ethiopia?

In Ethiopia violence against women and girls and harmful practices, such as female genital mutilation (FGM), are widespread. 49% of women experience physical violence and three quarters of women between 15-49 years have undergone FGM. Women and girls have little or no support to help them overcome the consequences of this violence and women are usually dependent on their husband’s income so often can’t leave violent and abusive relationships. 

How are we supporting women?

In order for women to live free from violence they need to know their rights, have support systems in place and have an income of their own. Our partner AWSAD provides emergency shelter, medical care, counselling and legal support. But they also give women literacy and skills classes so they can feel confident in standing up for their rights and start their own business.

Siiqqee raises awareness of women’s rights through community conversations and self-help groups, changing community attitudes to women's rights. The groups also serve as small loan lenders and savings clubs and women members can get skills and literacy training so they can earn a living.  

What will your gifts achieve?

£121 can help train police officers so they know the law on women's rights and how to support female survivors of violence properly, getting them support such as counselling and free legal advice. 

£460 is enough to give women at a safe house transport to court, doctors and support centres for one year. 

£6480 is enough for AWSAD to run their safe house for a whole year, giving women and children a safe place to recover and rebuild their lives. There they will receive medical support, counselling and training so they can leave when they're ready to start their lives free from violence. 

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