Demanding an economy that works for women

Christina Cadore | Oct 30, 2019
Feminist for a binding treaty

All women should be able to exercise choice and control over economic opportunities, outcomes and resources, and shape economic decision making at all levels. However, the current global economy does not work for women and undermines the achievement of women’s human rights. But what needs to change?

Womankind, along with FEMNET, ActionAid, Fight Inequality Alliance and ourEconomy, presents a  ‘Advancing gender just economies’: a blog series that addresses the ways we can make the economy work to support women’s rights. From progressive taxation to corporate abuse, this series identifies key road blocks to women’s rights and lays out how we can remove them, for a world where women are free to live independent lives and have access to and control over their own resources.  

Check out the blog series on the openDemocracy website.

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