• Women rising: a force for change in Nepal

    Aug 03, 2017
    Two years on from one of the worst earthquakes the country has seen, and with a recent general election, the ...
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  • Women’s movements are rising, and we’re rising with them

    Jul 31, 2017
    Womankind’s Chief Executive, Caroline Haworth, gives an update on our work supporting women’s movements to create lasting change.
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  • The High Level Political Forum on the Sustainable Development Goals – what on earth is it and what are we doing there?

    Jul 12, 2017
    The annual High Level Political Forum on the SDGs at the United Nations is an important space to ensure that ...
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  • At the Family Planning Summit, women’s rights should be centre stage

    Jul 10, 2017
    On Tuesday July 11th, ministers, officials and representatives of aid organisations will meet in London to discuss family planning.
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  • Meet the young people campaigning for change in Bolivia

    Jun 27, 2017
    FILM: Womankind has supported a project to promote the sexual and reproductive rights of adolescent girls and young women in ...
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  • Marginalised women in Nepal are taking their place in local government

    Jun 19, 2017
    For the first time ever in Nepal, Dalit women are entering local government in large numbers.
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  • Loud and united to end violence against women

    Jun 15, 2017
    From the Baltic nations to the United Kingdom, over 100 feminist activists from across Europe crammed into a venue in ...
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  • Women workers of the world unite!

    May 22, 2017
    Globally, women tend to be clustered in more precarious work than men and earn less for equal work. This is ...
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  • Strength and resilience in the Nyarugusu refugee camp

    May 04, 2017
    Our Policy and Programmes Officer, Louise Hemfrey, blogs about her recent visit to Nyarugusu refugee camp in Tanzania, where Womankind’s ...
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  • Nepal, 2 years after the earthquake

    Apr 25, 2017
    Two years ago, Nepal was hit by one of the most devastating earthquakes in the last decade. Find out how ...
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