Out of silence and fear, a movement is rising

Dalit group

80% of Dalit women live below the poverty line*

Anita got married when she was just nine years old. Because of her low caste status, she endured years of discrimination and abuse, and was deemed 'untouchable' by her community. 

Dalit women in Nepal are among the most marginalised people in the world. Just 35% of Dalit women are literate. They are denied ownership ofland or property and are only allowed to work in the lowest-paid jobs.

But for just £35 we can train a woman like Anita, as an ambassador to stand up against the violence and discrimination Dalit women face.

*Nepal Living Standard Survey 2011 

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How you can help

Womankind has been working with Feminist Dalit Organization (FEDO) since 2009 to promote Dalit women's rights and empowering them to demand inclusion at all levels of society. Now, a movement of 53,000 Dalit women across Nepal stand united, organised and mobilised to fight against violence and discrimination. 


"I am financially independent for the first time in my life. I can pay for my child's education and my heart is filled with happiness”

- Kamala B.K

Before FEDO, many of these women lived in isolation. But now they are learning about their rights and starting to earn and save their own money. Many women have set up businesses, such as fish farms and tailoring shops, and some are working in local government and taking part in local politics. 

Given a chance to come together, to talk, to learn, and to start earning, there is now no stopping these women.

"'I am a strong woman now and I am changing my community for the better as I speak up and make change"

- Mayawati Paxi

£35 could train a Dalit woman on leadership and public speaking

£53 could set up a new women's group, providing up to 25 women with a safe place to support and learn from each other

£83 could provide an annual scholarship to a Dalit woman, to go back and complete her schooling 

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