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How your donation helps

Womankind is guided by what women say they need to feel able to speak up and change life in their homes and communities. Here are some examples of how your donation can provide courageous girls and women with the practical support and protection they need.

Zivai from Zimbabwe

‘Initially I was afraid to tell anyone I was experiencing violence. But the beatings became unbearable. I gained a lot of confidence and courage from Womankind. Now my future is bright and I am helping other women experiencing violence. It is every woman’s right to be treated justly.’ Zivai, Zimbabwe

You can help women escape violence in the home

As well as providing legal support, safe spaces and counseling to women experiencing domestic violence Womankind, through our partners, provides women with the confidence and skills to be able to leave violent situations. Zivai experienced extreme violence from her husband but after receiving legal advice from our partner in Zimbabwe she finally had the courage and support to leave him. Now, like many women who have received help she supports other women in her community, helping them leave violent situations too.

Your donations can help pay for:

  • specialist legal representation for women being beaten up at home
  • negotiating financial support for children
  • training judges and police in women’s rights

Teresa from Bolivia

The women come to share their experiences and we learn from each other how to defend ourselves, how to value our contributions to society, how to improve our homes and health.  Coming here gives us hope that there is another way.’  Teresa, Bolivia.

You can help women come together

Indigenous Bolivian women have been marginalised since colonial times. They have very limited access to healthcare and education and domestic violence is rife. By encouraging women to join a local group Womankind enables women to find strength together. Through the groups women have gained self-esteem, they have learnt to challenge the violence they face and to speak up for better education and healthcare.

Your donations can help women come together to create real change:

  • women have become more confident at walking away from violence
  • women have become community leaders and positive role models
  • women have become regional leaders and are changing things for women nationally