Towards a world where the rights of all women are respected, valued and realised


When women come together in movements they are a force for change

As Womankind Worldwide celebrates our 30th anniversary, we stand with women’s movements like never before. Find out why women's movements are key to achieving women's rights.

About Womankind

Womankind believes in the power of women to transform their own lives.

For 30 years we have been supporting women’s movements and organisations to strengthen and grow. Through equal partnerships we aim to advance the rights of women globally.

We work with global partners bringing our passion and energy alongside practical support.

Your donation will be doubled to support women to claim their land rights.

Reclaiming stolen livelihoods

If they take away a woman’s land, they take away her livelihood.

Rural women in Uganda are being violently evicted from their homes, being pushed into extreme poverty and left struggling to feed their families.

But now women are coming together to resist land grabs and reclaim their livelihoods.

Movements learning paper

When women join together in movements, they are a force for change.

Women’s movements are diverse, determined and thriving, and work together to transform the lives and rights of women. Our approach to working with global women’s movements is unique.

Women's movements take action to resist violence, inequality and discrimination.

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