International Women's Day 2017


To celebrate International Women's Day 2017, we're raising awareness of the women moving mountains around the world.

Womankind stands in solidarity with women’s movements campaigning for change in women’s lives – for an end to violence against women, for recognition of the unpaid care women provide, for an equal say in decisions, for rights to land and decent work, and for control over our own bodies.

For International Women's Day, we will share stories of the women #MovingMountains so that women's rights are respected, valued and realised.

Why are women #MovingMountains?

In no country in the world do women have the same rights as men. Below, we here from the women who have overcome economic violence, emotional abuse and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) thanks to the dedicated work of women's rights organisations and movements.

Olerai's story
Marisa's story
Catherine's story

Will you take on the patriarchy?

Last year we launched our Suffragette Roulette app to raise awareness of the challenges women face around the world. The app, inspired by the Suffragette’s original Pank-a-Squith board game, features real-life hurdles women face to have their voices heard – from Twitter sexism to assassination attempts. 

Find out more about Suffragette Roulette