International Women's Day 2018

Two women who are members of groups with the National Assocation of Women's Organizations in Uganda stand together smiling, holding a placard that reads "we stand together."

To celebrate International Women's Day 2018, we raised the voices and stories of rural women in Uganda who have come together in a movement against land grabs.

In Uganda powerful corporations - supported by the government - are digging for oil, planting large scale crops, and setting up new factories. They’re doing this on land that’s lived on by local people and used by women to grow food for their families. Women and their families are being violently forced from their homes and losing their livelihoods to make way for big farms and oil plants.

Womankind has worked with a movement of rural women in Uganda to document the experiences of women facing land grabs. On International Women's Day 2018, in collaboration with three of our Ugandan partners, we published Digging Deepa report that amplifies women's voices while calling for action from corporations, governments and the international community.

Patience's story
Patience, a Ugandan woman who was evicted from her home due to land grabs and living in a displacement camp, with the following quote in the foreground: 'I've seen a change in the women as we advise each other. We raise our voices together in the camp.'

Miremba's story
Miremba, a Ugandan woman displaced from her home due to land grabs, with the following quote in the foreground: 'If my rights are violated, I will stand up.'

Find out how you could support the rural women in Uganda who are fighting for their right to land.

Women claiming their rights to land

A group of six women from a group with the National Association for Women's Action in Development stand together, hands held high.

Women are primarily responsible for taking care of their families and putting food on the table, but estimates suggest that they own less than 20% of land. In Uganda and elsewhere, rural women are making their demands loud and clear: to make women's voices heard, for the human rights of women to be respected, for compensation for lost land, and for violence against women and girls to stop - immediately.

On International Women's Day, we asked corporations, governments, civil society, and people everywhere to #HearHerVoice.

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