International Women's Day 2017

Women campaigning in Nepal

To celebrate International Women's Day 2017, we raised awareness of the women moving mountains around the world.

There is a global backlash against women. Violence against women remains a reality for one in three of us. The work we do to care for our families holds up the global economy, yet it is not valued or recognised as work. Our voices are ignored in the halls of decision-making.  We have less and less control over our own bodies, including when or whether to have children.  And when women speak up, they are taking a risk.

Womankind stands in solidarity with women’s movements campaigning for change in women’s lives. On International Women's Day, we shared stories of the women #MovingMountains so that women's rights are respected, valued and realised.

Olerai's story
Olerai supported by FIDA Kenya

Marisa's story
Marisa supported by FIDA Kenya

Find out how you could support the Maasai women in Kenya leading a movement against FGM. 

Women claiming their economic rights

A woman stallholder supported by WHR Nepal

Women spend at least 2.5 times more time than men on unpaid care and domestic work, cooking, cleaning, fetching water and firewood and caring for children, the sick and the elderly. This work is essential to life and makes any other work possible but remains largely invisible. 

On International Women's Day, we highlighted women's #InvisibleWork

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