Suffragette Roulette

Suffragette Roulette is a game about women in politics

More than half the world is female, but only 22% of politicians are women. Will you take on the patriarchy to get elected? 

For International Women's Day 2016, we launched Suffragette Roulette, a game where players can experience exhilarating - and sometimes dangerous - journey in the quest to get elected as a woman politician in the 21st century. 

You can download the game from app stores now, available for both iPhone and Android users.

Inspired by the Suffragette’s original Pank-a-Squith boardgame, you must overcome real-life challenges, from assassination attempts to Twitter sexism, on the long road to victory. 

Trouble downloading from the app store? You can play the web version here.

Thank you to the Roller Agency for creating the app for us, for free.