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Our library includes research from the charity One World Action which closed in 2011. One World Action shared many of our aims and values, and when they closed they gave their resources to Womankind Worldwide to make available to the public.

  • Terms of Reference - consultant for baseline and GESI analysis

    Womankind Worldwide is seeking a feminist consultant/consultancy team to conduct a baseline exercise, GESI analysis and monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) framework review with three of our partners in Nepal.
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  • Women's funding list 2019

    This list has been compiled in response to the large number of enquiries that the BRIDGE-hosted web resource Siyanda receives from women and women’s organisations looking for funding sources. There is a lot of information on funders in general on the internet so what is included here is not a definitive list but a selection of those donors that we thought would be most useful to highlight
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  • Invisible Realities

    'Invisible Realities: Understanding the Lived Experiences of Women with Disabilities in Rural Nepal' documents the prevalence and types of violence against women and girls (VAWG) amongst women with disabilities in Nepal.
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  • Powerful partnership

    It is estimated that more than 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone FGM. There are a further 3 million girls at risk of undergoing FGM every year. This learning paper is the second in a learning papers series produced by Womankind which shares insight, analysis and reflection from our portfolio of work and builds upon a body of learning to support women’s rights and movement strengthening.
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  • Gendershops: transforming the next generation to realise gender equality

    The GenderShops initiative, conceptualised in 2016-17 by Setaweet, was developed against a backdrop of entrenched gender inequality in Ethiopia. Setaweet’s aim was to directly influence young people between the ages of 11 and 18 as they evolve their views on the world with a particular focus on strengthening gender equality.
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  • Debt and gender equality: How debt servicing conditions harm women in Africa

    Debt crises are increasing across the African continent, and debt related policies continue to be designed with little or no regard for the realisation of human rights in general, and women’s rights in particular. To reduce the cost of public debt, we need to improve the international legal framework for the prevention and resolution of debt crises.
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  • Breaking the Silence: Ending online: ending online violence and abuse against women’s rights activists

    Breaking the Silence: Ending online: ending online violence and abuse against women’s rights activists is a policy briefing from Womankind Worldwide shedding light on the reality of online violence and abuse for women right’s activists – and the crucial need to address it in any pursuit for gender equality.
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  • Routes to Justice: Responses to Violence Against Women

    Violence against women and girls (VAWG) is a common occurrence in Zimbabwe, with one in every three girls experiencing sexual violence before they turn 18. This research report by Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association (ZWLA), supported by Comic Relief and Womankind Worldwide, seeks to document practical lessons from ZWLA's Access to Justice programme on barriers to women accessing justice for VAWG.
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  • Standing with the changemakers: lessons from supporting women's movements

    We know that progressive change happens when diverse and independent women’s movements have vision, strength, resilience and collective power. Change is sustained when these women’s movements thrive and flourish over time. Our new report, Standing with the changemakers, highlights the roles of women’s rights organisations and movements in bringing about advances in women’s rights, and what the international community can do to support them.
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