Beijing + 25 reviews 

The next CSW in 2020 (CSW64) will be celebrating 25 years since Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (Beijing Declaration). It is a key moment for us all to reflect on what we achieved and what remains to be done in order to realise the promise of Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

The reviews will take 2 strands:

  • One will be intergovernmental reviews starting at the country reviews before moving to regional and then global reviews.
  • The second will be a non-intergovernmental international global forum.

National reviews

The national reviews of 25 years of the Beijing Declaration is already ongoing at the country level.  Here member states are called upon to undertake comprehensive national-reviews involving wide consultations with different stakeholders especially women’s rights organisations. The reviews should include an assessment of the progress made and the challenges encountered in the implementation of the Beijing Declaration and how this affects gender equality, the empowerment of women and girls, and its contribution towards the full realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals especially through a gender perspective.

The reports should cover trends, achievements and remaining gaps and challenges as well as future plans to accelerate implementation at the national level.

States are to complete the national review and submit their report to the UN Regional Commissions by 1st May, 2019.

How to engage:

  • Be pro-active and find out information from your Ministry of Gender or equivalent about national level consultations meetings and request for an invitation to those meetings. Mobilise your constituencies to engage in the process and make sure that they get invited.
  • Input into government review reports.
  • Collaborate with other women’s rights organisations to write a shadow report to highlight a civil society organisation’s and a feminist perspective that your government report might have overlooked.

Regional Reviews

Following receipt of national reports, regional commissions will prepare regional synthesis reports and conduct regional intergovernmental meetings. These meetings will take place in all the regions around October/November. The exact dates are not yet communicated.

How to engage:

  • Reach out to regional women’s rights organisations in your region and request information about the regional reviews.
  • Find out if the regional WROs are compiling a regional shadow report and offer to provide inputs into it.
  • Seek invitation and participate in regional review meetings.

Global reviews (2020)

  • National reports and regional synthesis reports will feed into the global synthesis report that UN-Women will submit to CSW64 to be held in March 2020. It is anticipated that the outcome document for CSW64 will be a negotiated political declaration.

How to engage 

  • Find out who will be on your government’s delegation to CSW64 and influence them on their position.
  • Request to be on a government delegation.
  • Plan to participate in CSW64.

International Global Forum

  • France announced at CSW64 that it will co-host a global forum on gender equality and women’s empowerment in June 2020 in celebration of Beijing +25. This global forum will especially focus on the implementation of Beijing Declaration. The outcome of the forum will be presented to the UN General Assembly in September, 2020.  We will share more information on this as soon as it is made available.

How to engage: 

  • Closely follow up and find out more information.
  • Plan to participate.