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Women in rural Uganda are being violently evicted from their homes to make way for oil plants and big factories.

As powerful corporations carve up their land, women are being pushed into extreme poverty and are left struggling to feed their families.

How we can help?

In the face of this injustice, Womankind is supporting a new movement of brave women who are coming together to resist the land grab.

Through legal support, training and a shared solidarity, we can help these women fight to reclaim what is rightfully theirs.

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Betty's story

Betty (pictured right) lost her home and land during a violent early morning eviction. Her husband was blinded in the confrontation.

“We heard gunshots and shouting. Everyone was rushing; fleeing with whatever they had. I just ran with my children.”

Read the full story of Betty’s unjust eviction here.

Currently 300,000 women in rural Uganda have been evicted from their homes, or are facing eviction, and up to a million women are expected to be affected in the next six years.

We need to act now to help women reclaim their stolen livelihoods.

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