Give in memory

Kamala B.K, aged 42, is a member of Shiba Madhesi Dalit Women’s Group in Purina Village, Nepalgunj, Nepal.

A gift in memory is a thoughtful way to remember someone special – and one that makes a real difference to women’s lives. 
Perhaps a loved one inspired you as a woman, or maybe they devoted their life to championing equality. Whatever your motivation, giving to Womankind in their memory is a tangible way to celebrate their life and achievements. 

How to give in memory

A collection at a funeral or memorial event

Hold a collection at your loved one's funeral and make a lasting impact on women’s lives. We are able to provide leaflets for friends and family to learn more about Womankind and the work their donations will support.

Donations can be given to the funeral directors who will send them directly to Womankind. Alternatively, friends and family can send donations into our office at Womankind Worldwide, Wenlock Studios, 50-52 Wharf Road, London, N1 7EU. All cheques should be made payable to Womankind Worldwide

Set up a memorial page
Use an online giving platform to create a bespoke page for your loved one, celebrating their life through photos and memories. Invite friends and relatives to donate easily and securely online. You can find out how to set up an in memory fundraising page using JustGiving or Virgin Money Giving

Donate online 
Visit our donation page to easily set up a regular gift in memory or to make a one-off donation. When making a one-off gift, remember to select 'I am donating in memory of a loved one' as your reason for giving.

Donate by phone 
You can also make an in memory donation via phone by calling one of our Fundraising team members on 020 3735 5558

If you’re considering making a gift in memory of a loved one, or if you’d like more information on in memory giving, Hannah will be happy to help you. You can email her at or call her on 020 3735 5558


Remembering a remarkable woman

Hilary supported Womankind for 27 years

Hilary supported Womankind for an incredible 27 years and when she passed away, in line with her wishes, friends and family donated over £500 to Womankind in memory of her life, giving women and girls a chance of a brighter future. Through in memory donations, Hilary's support of Womankind lives on, leaving a lasting legacy in her name.

“Hils was always interested in female issues from quite a young age. After completing a secretarial course, she wanted to go into journalism but at that time, the mid-fifties, local newspapers did not offer apprenticeships to girls! Unthinkable now.”

“She was always a great believer in fairness, equality and justice, especially for women and girls. This was underpinned by her interest in women’s history. In her forties, while teaching full-time, she gained a Masters in Women’s History from York University. She then went on to complete her doctorate in Women’s Studies at York.”
- Hilary's partner, Helen, kindly shared with us.