Special occasions

“I’m so fortunate to live when and where I am; it’s a small gesture for women who have to deal with so many difficulties.” Mary, Womankind supporter

From birthdays to weddings, civil partnerships and anniversaries, mark a celebration with donations instead of presents and be confident that your special day is a really worthwhile one.

You can also celebrate someone else you care about by giving a gift to Womankind. Tell us your plans and we’ll make sure they know what an impact their present is making.

How to make a big day even better

  • Set up an online fundraising page for your celebration gifts at www.justgiving.com/womankind
  • Tell us your plans! Get in touch with Esme on 020 3735 5558 or email her at esmerelda@womankind.org.uk. She’ll be happy to give you advice, answer your questions and supply leaflets and newsletters to show your friends and relatives how their gifts are helping women around the world.
  • Send a card. If you’re making a donation on behalf of someone special, let us know – we can send them a card to let them know about the donation and how it’s helping women and girls.

Marion’s magnificent birthday

Marion McCartney decided to mark her 60th birthday by celebrating 60 Golden Days for Womankind. She rallied her friends and family together and they embarked on 60 days of new and exciting activities to raise money to help women and girls around the world. What an unforgettable way to celebrate!