What we do

Two smiling women from the Gender Centre, Ghana

In no country in the world do women enjoy the same rights or opportunities as men. Every day women and girls face discrimination, poverty and violence just because they are female. With our partners in Africa, Asia, and Latin America we’re working to change that.

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Supporting women and girls

Our partners - local or national women’s rights organisations - provide direct support for women and girls, from a safe place to escape violence or information about their rights to leadership training or funding to start their own business.

They also work to change laws and policies which discriminate against women and girls, and challenge the damaging attitudes and stereotypes at the root of inequality.

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Strengthening women’s rights organisations

Women’s rights organisations like our partners carry out their vital work in the face of huge challenges, often without the money or tools they need, and at great personal risk.

Even though women’s rights organisations hold the answers to ending violence and inequality, their expertise and experience is frequently overlooked.

We support our partners’ vital work by:

  • fundraising, both in the UK and internationally
  • providing tailored training, hands-on support, and advice
  • promoting their research and sharing their expertise
  • connecting them to influential people and networks
  • creating a platform for partners at key international forums.

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Building a movement for change

We use our expertise and that of our partners to call for change across the world, challenging governments and international agencies to protect and promote women’s rights.

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