Womankind's aims

A woman supported by our partner Siiqqee in Ethiopia

1. An end to all forms of violence against women and girls

At least 1 in 3 women around the world has experienced violence in her lifetime - with the abuser usually someone known to her.

Violence against women and girls is a global problem. It occurs in every country in the world and across all groups and classes. It takes many forms, from domestic abuse to sexual assault, forced marriage to female genital mutilation.

The scale and severity of the problem can feel overwhelming, but it is possible to prevent and end violence against women and girls. Women's rights organisations and movements like our partners are leading the way and we work to support them, from the local to the global level.

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2. Women’s economic rights and control over resources

Discrimination and stereotypes mean that around the world women often end up in insecure, badly paid jobs, and aren't promoted to senior positions. In many areas, women are traditionally forbidden from owning land or property.

When women lack economic autonomy they face an increased risk of violence and limitations to their life choices. Having an independent income is key for women to exercise more control over their own lives.

While paid work is critically important, there are other aspects of women’s economic rights that go beyond it. For example, the right to an adequate standard of living, which includes the right to food and the right to housing.

We support women's rights organisations and movements to call for structural changes to economies to ensure women’s rights are realised for all.

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3. Women’s equal influence in decision making and ability to exercise political power

Women have a right to an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. But discrimination, violence, poverty and gender stereotypes often prevent women from speaking up or mean they struggle to be heard when they do.

We work with our partners to break down the barriers which prevent women taking part in decisions in their homes, their communities, and their countries. Globally, women make up less than a quarter of parliamentary representatives. Together, we have helped thousands of women to stand for election or vote for the very first time.

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