Afghan Women's Network

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Afghan Women's Network (AWN) was established in 1995 by a group of Afghan women.  It is an umbrella organisation made up of around 123 women-led organisations and 5,000 individual members who are committed to securing equal participation and empowerment of Afghan women in society.

AWN is extremely vocal on women’s rights. Its founders had attended the UN Conference on Women in Beijing and were inspired by women’s movement in other parts of the world. Their vision is of a nation in which all members of society are treated as equals; one where women and girls are  valued, respected and encouraged to fulfill their potential; one where they actively contribute to the creation of a dynamic and just society.  

AWN is a cornerstone of Afghanistan’s fledgling women’s movement, serving as a well-established network for the growing number of women’s organisations operating in the country. The organisation has a strong presence in Kabul, Herat and Jalalabad, while it also works through local members in several Afghan provinces. AWN also runs its own projects addressing issues such as gender-based violence, youth empowerment and girl's education.

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