Centro de Promocion de Mujer Gregoria Apaza (CPMGA)

  • Latin America
  • Bolivia
CPMGA has established successful leadership and violence prevention courses in Bolivia and runs an influential radio station which broadcasts powerful social messages. The organisation's vision is of a society where women and men can exercise their democratic and human rights without discrimination.

The organisation works to transform unequal gender relationships and increase women’s power in society. In particular, their work revolves around promoting women’s access to economic freedom, encouraging women to take on political leadership positions and campaigning to influence government policy and attitudes towards women. They also support women  survivors of violence.Their radio station works with women, men and youth to discuss women's rights and encourages other stations to do the same. 

CPMGA is a well-organised and energetic organisation with an established reputation in Bolivia. It has a strong influence in El Alto, one of the largest cities in Bolivia.

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