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Deaf Women Included (DWI)

  • Africa
  • Zimbabwe
Deaf Women Included (DWI) is a grassroots organisation founded in 2014 that works with deaf women from across all provinces in Zimbabwe.
Its mission is to empower deaf women to claim access to information, health services, education and employment opportunities and to influence government, private sector and civil society to take the rights of deaf women into account in policy making as well as policy implementation.

Womankind partners with DWI to strengthen the women’s movement and its awareness and understanding of disability, including voice and visibility of deaf women. We will work with DWI to increase knowledge and information available to women with disabilities about their rights and access to justice with specific focus on violence against women and girls.

We will also support DWI to raise the issues of violence, sexual abuse and security for women and girls with disabilities, within the family setting and the community and support them with skills, capacity and support systems to make them less vulnerable to violence.
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