DEMUS (Institute for the Defence of Women’s Rights)

  • Latin America
  • Peru
DEMUS is a women’s rights organisation in Peru that began as a provider of legal support for women and over the last 25 years has evolved to address women’s rights in social, economic, political, and legal spheres.

Violence against women and women’s reproductive rights are two of DEMUS’s large areas of focus. Its main goals are to strengthen women’s reproductive rights and freedom, support survivors of gender-based violence, and change widespread patriarchal beliefs surrounding gender. DEMUS’s strong advocacy skills have made a huge impact on women in Peru.

One of their most long-running and key campaigns has been to seek justice for thousands of women who were forcibly sterilised in the 1990's and early 2000's. They have campaigned tirelessly on this issue and the Peruvian government recently agreed to set up a register of all women affected - a key step in getting justice for the women affected. 

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