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Female Prisoners Support Trust (Femprist)

  • Africa
  • Zimbabwe
Female Prisoners Support Trust (Femprist) is a women’s rights organisation working with female prisoners in Zimbabwe set up in 2012 to counsel, rehabilitate and reintegrate female ex-convicts into society.
Femprist supports the provision of professional counselling to female inmates and has been working with the Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services since its inception.

The organisation supports all women regardless of the crimes committed, whether considered political, social or economic. In addition to providing resources such as sanitary wear, starter packs, and toiletries to women in prison, Femprist provides information to female inmates on issues such as sexual and reproductive health rights, sexuality, legal rights and political rights. Femprist also provides support and referrals to women who require medical intervention and treatment as well as those seeking access to justice.

Womankind works in partnership with Femprist to strengthen the women’s movement in Zimbabwe, including the voice and visibility of women in prison.
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