Liberia Women Media Action Committee (LIWOMAC)

  • Liberia
  • Africa
LIWOMAC aims to empower women to fight inequalities and participate in governance at the household, community and national levels.

Liberia Women Media Action Committee (LIWOMAC) was founded in 2003 and is a media development organisation dedicated to women’s rights in Liberia. It set up the first women owned and run radio station in the country, which airs shows on women’s issues and is only the second such radio station in the whole continent.

LIWOMAC raises awarenessof women’s rights issues, particularly focusing on sexual and gender-based violence, cultural beliefs that perpetuate inequality and peace building.

They use the media to advance women's rights. For example they support women journalists in their work. They also carry out research around women's work opportunities, security and development. And they campaign on women’s human rights issues, spreading awareness and making governments listen to their demands. Their aim is to use media as a tool to empower women to speak up for their rights and provide a platform where their voices can be heard.

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