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Organisation for Women in Self Employment (WISE)

  • Africa
  • Ethiopia
Organisation for Women in Self Employment (WISE) works with poor self-employed women and girls and supports their efforts to achieve self-reliance and improve their quality of life.
The main focus areas of the organisation is the economic empowerment of women. Since being founded in 1998, they primarily work with women in home-based production and micro-enterprises but they also work with women farmers and vulnerable groups, such as unemployed young women, women living with HIV/AIDS and women artisans.

Womankind’s partnership with WISE focuses on women’s economic empowerment. This will include the documentation of the challenges faced by women working in the informal sector in Ethiopia and the policy changes needed to improve their lives. The partnership also contributes to Womankind's focus of strengthening and supporting a diverse range of organisations working on women’s empowerment in Ethiopia.

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