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Tewa was founded in 1996 to develop modern philanthropy and the empowerment of rural women in Nepal. Its vision is of a country without discrimination and injustice, in which all women enjoy their rights, freedom and peace.
Tewa means, “support” in Nepali. It refers to the kind of support used to prop up leaning walls and buildings before they are rebuilt.

Through funding and capacity development, Tewa supports women to organise, raise their voices collectively and transform discriminatory policies, systems, norms and practices. As an organisation, Tewa's style is to be diverse and inclusive, non-hierarchical, transparent and accountable.

The main focus of Womankind's partnership with Tewa is strengthening the women’s movement in Nepal to access and input into sustainable and progressive funding and financing models, and the provision of opportunities to women’s movement actors to connect to wider platforms for movement building and learning.
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