Women’s Legal Aid Centre (WLAC)

  • Africa
  • Tanzania
WLAC uses innovative approaches like mobile legal aid centres and paralegal training programmes, to reach women in isolated rural communities and refugee camps.

WLAC has been providing legal services to women in Tanzania since 1989. WLAC’s core mission is providing quality legal aid services to disadvantaged women and children. They offer mediation, coaching, drafting legal documents and representing clients in court. They also give human rights education, do awareness raising campaigns and campaign the government to address the rights of women and girls at the national and international level.

WLAC is a leading women’s rights organisation in Tanzania and campaigns and lobbies actively to end violence against women and protect and promote women’s land rights. Through their work, they aim to create a just society, which respects the rights of women and children.

Womankind and WLAC  are working on a project to increase women’s access  to  justice and eliminate harmful traditional practices such as early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation. 

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