Women's stories

Read the stories of women and girls who have faced and overcome discrimination and violence with the help of our partners.

  • Precious

    Thanks to the group, my future is bright and I can do anything.

    Trapped in an abusive relationship, Precious was beaten by her husband and his family. With support from our partner, Zimbabwe ...
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  • Meron stands with her arms around two of her daughters

    I physically struggled with him to save the girls from being cut.

    Brave mothers are risking everything to stand up against harmful beliefs. Meron dared to take a stand against female genital ...
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  • Santu is smiling and standing in a field of long grass and flowers in Nepal

    We can speak up and claim our rights.

    Santu was grieving the loss of her husband and looking after her five small children when the earthquake hit Nepal ...
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  • Laxmi stands in front of the fish farm in Nepal

    Together, we are strong and rise above the discrimination of the past

    Laxmi is a member of a Dalit women’s savings group in Nepal, set up as part of a programme we ...
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  • Shova smiles with her arms crossed whilst leaning against a wood pillar

    The group has given me a new life.

    Like many women, during the Nepalese civil war, Shova’s husband was killed in conflict. As a widow, she faced discrimination, ...
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  • 57. Kamala B.K, aged 42, is a member of Shiba Madhesi Dalit Women’s Group in Purina Village, Nepalgunj, Nepal.

    We are now respected, we can access funds, we speak out to say what we want.

    Deemed ‘untouchable’ by her community, Kamala faced discrimination for being a Dalit woman. People were afraid of her and she ...
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  • 35. Mayawati Paxi, aged 42, member of Shiba Madhesi Dalit Women’s Group in Purina Village, Nepalgunj, Nepal.

    I am a strong woman now and I am changing my community for the better.

    Mayawati was illiterate for much of her life. As a Dalit woman she faced discrimination and was ashamed of who ...
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  • 44. Anita Dhobi, aged 35, is a President of FEDO group Shiba Madhesi Dalit Women’s Group in Purina Village, Nepalgunj, Nepal.

    We stand in solidarity against discrimination and have a unique bond.

    Married at just nine years old, Anita’s story is far from uncommon among Dalit women. Facing discrimination for her lower ...
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  • Legal aid clinic 3

    I am back living in my house, on my land.

    After the death of her husband, Nuru’s land became occupied by a man who claimed it as his own. With ...
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  • Bekelu Debela from Siiqqees self help groups in Gindo, Amaya

    I have empowered myself and changed my life

    Bekelu Debela was supported by Siiqqee, Womankind partner from Ethiopia, when her husband abused and evicted her from their house. ...
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