Women's stories

Read the stories of women and girls who have faced and overcome discrimination and violence with the help of our partners.

  • Kabaye Megersa from Siiqqees self help groups in Gindo, Amaya

    My next goal is to buy land and have my own house

    Kabaye Megersa is a 25-year-old mother of three children. She lives in Gindo in Ethiopia and is a member of ...
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  • Kibnesh Tululu, member of Sebeta self help group set up by Siiqqee

    My dream is that all women can live with dignity, regardless of their income

    Kibenesh Tululu from Ethiopian town of Kebele has been trained by Womankind partner Siiqqee Women's Development Association and now helps ...
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  • Womankind-FIDA-2016-Thandiwe-Muriu-022

    I'm sharing my message so that all women know their rights.

    At 12 years old, Mary underwent Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). She was taught that she would never marry if she ...
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  • Womankind-FIDA-2016-Thandiwe-Muriu-068

    Rescuing girls is my priority.

    Police officer Susan and her colleagues, were educated by FIDA Kenya about the implications of FGM and the scale of ...
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  • Lizie

    I talk about my experience to break down the barriers surrounding emotional abuse

    Lizzie, aged 29, was helped by the group therapy sessions run by Womankind partner FIDA Kenya after years of emotional ...
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  • Cathrtinr

    The group therapy helped me grow, gave me hope and independence

    Catherine has been supported by Womankind partner FIDA Kenya through group therapy sessions.
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  • Catherine

    I am beginning to love myself again

    After eight years of marriage, abuse from her husband left her with physical scars, underweight and scared to talk or ...
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  • Marisa

    Now I know the ills of FGM and I don’t want it in my community

    Marisa is a mother of seven boys and one girl. She used to assist during Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) procedures ...
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  • Natividad learning IT skills with her son at her side who accompanies her at all trainings

    Our parents taught us that only men should be respected

    Natividad Mamani Calle is a 32-year-old community leader from Santiago de Poque in Bolivia. She is a supported by our ...
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  • Gete Kebede from Siiqqees self help groups in Gindo, Amaya outside her rented home where she lives with her 2 children

    Before I joined this group, I was not a survivor

    Gete is a committee leader with our Ethiopian partner Siiqqee; an organisation which helps women to work together to become ...
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