Women's stories

Read the stories of women and girls who have faced and overcome discrimination and violence with the help of our partners.

  • Natividad learning IT skills with her son at her side who accompanies her at all trainings

    Our parents taught us that only men should be respected

    Natividad Mamani Calle is a 32-year-old community leader from Santiago de Poque in Bolivia. She is a supported by our ...
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  • Gete Kebede from Siiqqees self help groups in Gindo, Amaya outside her rented home where she lives with her 2 children

    Before I joined this group, I was not a survivor

    Gete is a committee leader with our Ethiopian partner Siiqqee; an organisation which helps women to work together to become ...
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  • In the hairdressing salon

    I want to teach women that everything is possible.

    Mekedes was referred to Assocation for Women's Sanctuary and Development (AWSAD) in 2012 following years of abuse at the hands ...
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  • Eden

    The safe house has helped us forget our sorrows and all that we faced.

    Eden and her son lived in a safe house run by Womankind partner Association for Women's Sanctuary and Development (AWSAD) ...
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  • Nilla supported by Zambia National Womens Lobby

    Whatever situation you find yourself in, you can still do it. You’ve been given that right as a girl.

    Nilla has been supported by our partner, Zambia National Women’s Lobby (ZNWL) through its Girls’ Leadership Clubs, which promote girls' ...
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  • Sufe from Siiqqees self help groups in Gindo, outside her home

    I am now able to think about tomorrow. I have encouragement and self-esteem

    Sufe, aged 35 from Gindo in Ethiopia, is supported by Siiqqee through a self-help group. Siiqqee enables women in rural ...
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  • Selina was supported by a Girls Leadership Club in Zambia

    We've come this far thanks to the Girls’ Leadership Club

    Selina was a member of one of 43 Girls' Leadership Clubs our partner Zambia National Women's Lobby runs. The clubs ...
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  • Dekitiu Skhurn from Siiqqee;s self help groups in Gindo, Amaya

    I live for my child, I don’t want him to go through what I went through

    Dekitiu is supported by our partner Siiqqee in the town of Gindo, Ethiopia. She is part of a self help ...
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  • Male paralegals

    I used to be violent to women but WLAC’s training has changed my life

    Kambale lives in a refugee camp in Tanzania, where he received training to become a paralegal. He used to be ...
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  • Meeting to arrange child support

    For the sake of my children I hope he keeps up his responsibilities

    In Peru a third of women experience violence from a partner. And when parents separate women can find it extremely ...
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