• thumb-Amara

    We have to speak. We have to be strong and support each other. Never give up

    In Ethiopia violence against women and girls is common and widely accepted. We met Amara at the safe house run ...
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  • thumb-Biritu

    He wants to keep me in the house all the time. But I refuse to accept his idea

    Biritu lives in Ethiopia. She is 45 and has seven children. She has been attending meetings with Womankind’s partner Siiqqee, ...
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  • Woman in Afghanistan

    I have been advising other girls I meet to defend their rights like I have done

    Farida is just one of the girls that our partner Humanitarian Assistance for the Women and Children of Afghanistan (HAWCA) ...
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  • thumb-Jillo

    I hope I will get a job tailoring, and be able to leave my husband and support my child

    Jillo, aged 24, has been helped by one of Womankind’s partners in Sierra Leone, Women’s Partnership for Justice and Peace ...
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  • Joana a councillor in Zimbabwe

    I am determined to remain a councillor

    Joana Mawira was elected as a local councillor in Zimbabwe and worked with our partner the Women in Politics Support ...
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  • Pigeons in Nepal flying for peace

    I want to continue as a women’s rights activist and do more for Dalit women

    Kamala is a widow with two children and a Peace Ambassador the Feminist Dalit Organisation (FEDO), one of Womankind’s partners ...
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  • thumb-Ludmila

    I want my sons to learn that they should not make other people suffer

    Domestic violence is widely accepted in Bolivia, and rural or indigenous women are especially vulnerable. Ludmila has been attending her ...
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  • Woman gardening in Kenya

    We should take that which is forbidden for ladies

    Womankind is supporting women’s organisations such as FIDA Kenya who are working to make sure that women’s voices are heard ...
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  • A female doctor in Peru with her ambulance

    Here in the health centre women have an opening to speak of their problems

    During the 20 year civil war in Peru sexual violence was used as a war tactic, something that continues to ...
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  • thumb-Pabitra

    My ambition is to be a political leader

    Pabitra Bishwokarma is the President of the Feminist Dalit Organisation (FEDO) in the Makhanpur District of Nepal.
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  • Veronica with a newspaper

    I am no longer afraid to interview men

    “My name is Veronica, I live in Liberia and I have been working as an intern for six months in ...
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  • thumb-Fanta

    Now I know that women can stand on their own without a husband

    “My name is Fanta. I’m 28 and originally from a village called Kolaintonkia, in the Kenema district of Sierra Leone” ...
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  • Girls in the leadership club

    Three girls whose lives have been changed since joining the Girls Leadership Clubs

    We hear from three young school girls from remote rural secondary schools in Zambia whose lives have been changed since ...
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  • thumb-Iye

    I am proud that my story has motivated other women to come forward. This is peace for me

    Iye in Sierra Leone told us how our local partner Women against Violence and Exploitation in Society (WAVES) changed her ...
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  • thumb-Sita

    I feel I have a place in the village and my son has a future

    Sita lives in Nepal. Her life changed dramatically when her husband was killed in an accident.
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  • Staff at ZWLA

    If you don’t speak out, no one will know that you need help

    “My name is Thoko and I am 44 years old and a mother of four children. I have separated from ...
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  • Woinshet

    I talk about my experiences so that women understand that one can live positively with HIV

    “My name is Woineshet, I am 39 years old and have 5 children – 5 girls. I had six children ...
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  • Sharada - FEDO

    At first I didn’t feel able to, but now I can, and I put my views forward.

    We met Sharada, a woman from the poorest Dalit community. She gets support from our partner Feminist Dalit Organisation (FEDO) ...
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  • Theresa Nyalewima from WiPSU in Zimbabwe

    I have a new strength and no longer look down on myself

    Theresa is from Makoni District in Zimbabwe. After her husband left to work elsewhere, Theresa got support from our partner ...
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  • Antoinette a the Gender Centre in Ghana

    Now I have the confidence and skills to become a leader

    Antoinette is involved in her local church in Ghana and hopes to become a community leader – an ambition made ...
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