Before I joined this group, I was not a survivor

Gete is a committee leader with our Ethiopian partner Siiqqee; an organisation which helps women to work together to become economically independent.

Gete Kebede from Siiqqees self help groups in Gindo, Amaya outside her rented home where she lives with her 2 children

“My name is Gete Kebede. I have 4 children, one son and three daughters. I am a member of the Siiqqee’s self-help group, which currently has 20 members.

Before I joined the self-help group, purely by virtue of being a woman I had to marry. I was then forced out of my home by my husband and left alone to face many challenges. I am grateful to Siqqee because I was driven out of my home and left with nothing. I had no income nor any money of my own to survive. Also, I did not have any means to get a loan so that I could start a business in the market and earn money.

All this changed once I joined the self-help group. They gave me a loan so I was able to open my own bank account and start running a business. I now make enough money for rent and am renting my own house. My life has changed a lot for the better since joining the group.

I am very happy as the group chose to make me a committee leader and I am now also a writer. I am in charge of all written documents describing the organisation and its work. I am very happy.

My future hope is to one day organise my own group to help support those women who have suffered similar experiences to me. I also want to continue my business to help support my children through education. Before I joined this group, I was not a survivor. There are many women who are not a part of such a group and it is my aim to help support them.”