I am no longer afraid to interview men

Veronica with a newspaper“My name is Veronica, I live in Liberia and I have been working as an intern for six months in journalism at the paper Public Agenda.

The paper is distributed three times a week nationally and is available online. I am the only female journalist out of a staff of five. I am finishing off my four year degree in journalism. I already had an interest in women’s rights and was motivated by the lack of rights that Liberian women have and the violence they face.

“The most important aspect of the training I attended, by the Liberia Women Media Action Committee (LIWOMAC), was having a better understanding of how to report on women’s rights issues, especially about respecting women’s confidentiality and sensitive reporting.

I developed my confidence as a result of the training and I am no longer afraid to interview men, like I once was. I think this is due to having the tools and information on how to approach cases and knowing what I need to do to makes sure articles are balanced and that stories are followed up.

My editor also identified positive changes in how I approach news stories and write up my cases. He told me it was clear I had a specific interest in women’s rights stories and encouraged me to work more on this front.”

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