I feel I have a place in the village and my son has a future

Women doing tailoring training in WHR's safehouse

Sita lives in Nepal. Her life changed dramatically when her husband was killed in an accident.

"My brother-in-law hit my son and threatened to withhold our food if I didn’t have sex with him. I felt ashamed yet trapped; where could I go? I had no other family. I was not educated and I had no other way to feed my son."

Womankind’s partner organisation Women for Human Rights (WHR) offered Sita and her son a place at its Chhahari shelter in Kathmandu.

"I met other widows who had been mistreated and learned I had the right to live without my family. I attended sewing classes and got help from WHR to set up my own tailoring shop. Now I give work to other widows so they don’t have to stay with violent families. I feel I have a place in the village and my son has a future."

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  • Women for Human Rights (WHR)

    Nepal, Asia
    WHR strengthens the lives of single women (widows) through their economic, social, political and cultural empowerment in order to enable them to live their lives with dignity and respect. It believes there should be "no discrimination on the basis of marital status".