I hope I will get a job tailoring, and be able to leave my husband and support my child

JilloJillo, aged 24, has been helped by one of Womankind’s partners in Sierra Leone, Women’s Partnership for Justice and Peace (WPJP)

“My parents separated when I was nine years old. After that I did not go to school until I was 14, when one of my uncles started paying for my education. My uncle’s wife grew very angry because money spent on me meant there was less for her own children. When I was 18 she made me move out of their house, and I went to stay with a friend.

“Soon after I met my husband and fell pregnant. I moved in with my husband’s family, with whom I still live. However this is not a good situation as my husband’s sisters do not want me there. Recently I argued with one of my sisters-in-law who beat me. My husband was not at home when this incident happened, but on his return he sided with his sister.

“The WPJP staff were kind and one of them took me for treatment. WPJP took up the case for me and went to the police, and my sister-in-law has moved as she is afraid of being arrested.

“I am unhappy living with my husband as he beats me even though the neighbours advise him not to. They tell me I should stay with him for the next six months while I complete my course. After that I hope I will get a job tailoring, and be able to leave my husband and support my child.

“WPJP have helped me a lot. They provide my uniform, do not charge me for using the sewing machine in class, and have allowed me to delay payment for my course. They also counsel me when my husband maltreats me.

“When I go to the training centre I can forget about my troubles, which helps me cope with the difficulties of my life.”

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