I want to continue as a women’s rights activist and do more for Dalit women

Kamala is a widow with two children and a Peace Ambassador the Feminist Dalit Organisation (FEDO), one of Womankind’s partners in Nepal.

“I am a widow with daughters aged 17 and 14. My husband died three years ago. Although he was in the Indian Army, I do not receive his pension because he had a first wife.

When we met, he told me that he was not married but he cheated me because he was still married to his first wife. She receives his pension. I have tried unsuccessfully to challenge this in court. I had to do labouring work on building sites and in the fields to make ends meet.

FEDO has changed my life. Before I joined I was shy and could not introduce myself, but they have given me training to build my confidence. Now I can go to the municipality and talk to people about my rights and those of other Dalit women.

This impressed the local President and she asked me to become a Peace Ambassador for FEDO. I was given more training, for example, in counselling, and I now travel to other villages to pass on what I have learned and to help and support other Dalit women.

Unfortunately there are still people in my village who have negative views about what I am doing, so I keep working to convince them that I am doing the right thing. I had rarely travelled before, but I really enjoy going to different districts and helping other women. I want to continue as a women’s rights activist and do more for Dalit women.”

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