My dream is that all women can live with dignity, regardless of their income

Kibenesh Tululu, aged 33, from Kebele in Ethiopia taken part in training by Womankind's partner Siiqqee Women's Development Association and now helps other women to become financially independent.

Kibnesh Tululu, member of Sebeta self help group set up by Siiqqee

“My husband is a policeman and I first heard about Siiqqee when we moved to Kebele for his work. I was very fortunate not to have any issues in my household, in contrast to many women in my group.

I joined a group that was saving 1.25birr (4p) per week. After a while I decided to organise another group where we managed to save 3birr (11p) a week plus 1 birr of social savings. Saving together helped us address the immediate needs of women. Since then, we have been organising different groups to support each other.

Siiqqee has supported me in many ways, from getting us organised to providing technical support. Trainings such as life skills workshops taught us to solve domestic conflicts through raising awareness within the community. When women have problems with their husbands, the entire group will come to mediate.

Due to my husband’s job, he always knows about the violence against women in the area and I am more aware of the problems within the community. I often initiate discussions with the families, I try to help people reconcile and prevent from violence against women and girls.

I used to work at the market, but I stopped after giving birth. Instead, I opened a small shop in my compound. I hope to expand my business in the future and I want every woman from my group to become economically independent.

My dream is that all women can live with dignity, regardless of their income. Women are frustrated when they don’t get enough money from the husband and when I hear about this I call them to discuss it. I aspire to be an entrepreneur, to help women get money, teach them how to manage their income and become independent in thought as well as in actions.“