I can do anything if I have the opportunity

After acquiring a disability as an adult, Megha was ostracised by her partner and his family, suffering violent abuse and being forcibly evicted from her home. Constrained by stereotypes and her community’s perceptions of people with disabilities, Megha was feeling hopeless – until Womankind partner Nepal Disabled Women Association (NDWA) helped her transform her life.


“I am Megha, from Morang, Nepal. After marrying at 18, I acquired a disability in both of my hands due to an electrical fire. After returning from the hospital, my husband and his family no longer accepted me: I was abused and kicked out of their home. I returned to my parents, but wouldn’t attend any social or cultural activities because nobody would speak with me. Here, people believe that disability is a curse

My disability made me totally frustrated and hopeless. I believed that my disability was an inability: that I couldn’t do anything or earn money; that I was useless and a burden. 

In March 2018, I met with the regional coordinator of NDWA. She came to my home to discuss my experience with violence. It felt like a fresh solution to my problem. Since becoming involved with NDWA, I’ve joined a self-help group of women with disabilities, and have participated in two sensitization and awareness workshops.

Now, I have accepted my disability: I can do anything if I have the opportunity. I want to change society’s attitudes toward disability and fight against the violence.”