We should take that which is forbidden for ladies

Womankind is supporting women’s organisations such as FIDA Kenya who are working to make sure that women’s voices are heard and their land rights are respected. Through them we met Mary:

“I have this small business, a patch of land which my father gave me. I am selling tomatoes, roots, things like this. My father died after he had distributed the property amongst his two children. My brother was given a number of parcels of land and I was given one.

As soon as my parents passed away, my brother started threatening me and wanted to push me out of the home. My brother sold off the land he had been given. After he had squandered his pieces, he came back for mine, claiming that I am not entitled to a piece of land because I am a woman. My brother just wanted me to get married because he believed that women are not entitled to inherit anything from their father’s side.

We went to the local leaders including the District Officer who said that the current law allows even ladies to inherit their father’s property. I felt so good, I felt relief and from there I went to the Land Registry and put in a claim so they could not sell that land that was given to me.

I came to FIDA after my brother started to mistreat me and even physically assault me because he wanted me to move out. FIDA represented me in Court and the Order was issued that the title be transferred from my father’s name to my name. I felt so nice because of that, but my brother is feeling so bitter, and is still following me over the matter.

I think that women have a right to inheritance. The reason I was given one parcel and my brother was given seven, is because that is how they do it for boys. I think that we should fight these beliefs and take that which is forbidden for ladies.”

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